PIE Grants

For many years, we have managed Parent Initiatives in Education (PIE) Grants in SA Catholic school communities on behalf of the Minister for Education.

These grants of up to $2,500 per application were focused on:

  • Encouraging the greater participation of parents/carers who are under-represented in school and preschool decision-making processes.

  • Increasing understanding of what children are learning, and how families can support learning at home and through good relationships with teachers and other school staff.

  • Collaborating with parents/carers to develop community relationships and partnerships to enhance students’ education opportunities and outcomes.

The grant program played an important part in our efforts to reach out to parents and schools, and to encourage good and promising practice in parent, family and community engagement.

We have showcased some fantastic 'PIE success stories' to the Minister and shared them with other people around Australia. These have consistently shown what can be achieved with a relatively small amount of money when there is a lot of enthusiasm, creativity and commitment.

Having withdrawn early from our funding agreement with the Minister, we regrettably advise we will not be offering PIE grants for 2022.

This does not automatically mean funding won't be available.

We suggest you contact Catholic Education SA to make enquires in the first instance or email education.parentengagement@sa.gov.au and say you are seeking information for the Catholic sector.

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